Dubai Parks and Resort

Dubai Parks and Resort

Dubai, UAE
Dubai Parks & Resorts (Meraas Development LLC)
The project scheduled to be completed in three years, but we executed it in two years due with one year for design coordination and zero tolerance for delays.

Theme park construction requires particularly specialized experience, which we have been able to capture with our team of experts. Though this was one of our most challenging projects, we managed every element, including building, infrastructure, landscape, theming, ride installation, design management, and more, entirely in house, which reduced costs and allowed us to effectively manage the timeline.

To oversee such a large project, we designated one team as the dedicated management team who would coordinate all of the diverse packages we needed to execute. To facilitate efficient completion of each project stage, we created workshops and factories on-site to quickly accommodate all requirements. Essentially, we developed a company within the company whose sole objective was to effectuate the timely completion of this project.

The diverse nature of the project’s many elements, which would normally require several contributing consultants, were all managed by our internal team of experts. Our coordination team ensured communication remained consistent and timely so that the design and execution could be carried out flawlessly.

For the plant nursery, we established and deployed logistics teams in Europe, Asia, and South Africa to manage the large numbers of plants and trees we were importing. With the rollercoasters, each was custom designed and included extensive safety requirements for the welfare of all park attendees and workers. The Legoland® Dome itself is an engineering marvel and was designed entirely in-house with the full support of the US-based manufacturing team.

Our expertise, focus on coordination, and our internal capabilities resulted in an on-time delivery of one of the largest indoor theme parks in the world, which has now become a major tourist attraction for Dubai.

• Complete utility works and infrastructure for Dubai Parks and Resort
• Dubai Parks area development
• Design and build of plant nursery facility
• Main contract works for the Bollywood Theatre
• Legoland® Dubai, package 3, Miniland Dome
• Rollercoaster installation
• Design and build of Legoland® Water Park
• Resort-wide theming package

• More than 6,000 on-site staff (inclusive of sub-contractors)
• More than 100 on-site sub-contractors on the site
• More than 1,000 suppliers
• Materials imported from over 60 countries
• 2 million hours with zero-time loss
• No injuries, deaths, or near misses

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